Past VOSH California Clinics

2018 Past Trips

Tecate, Mexico –  Feb 17, March 17, April 21, May 19 and June 16.  Contact: Greg Pearl

El Porvenir, Baja California, Mexico

Veteran’s Stand Down in Vista CA, Jan 25-28

Santa Rosalia, Baja California Mexico – Feb. 25 – March 4th.

Nicaragua – March 25 – April 1st

Fiji – Feb 24 – March 4th 2018 , Contact:  John Larcabal

California CareForce Clinic in Indio CA, March 23-25. Contact: Greg Pearl

Nicaragua – May 27- June 3. Contact: Greg Pearl

Kenya – June. Contact:  John Larcabal

Peru – July, Contact:  John Larcabal

Israel – September, Contact:  John Larcabal


Spring Break 2017 – Chiapas, Mexico
Week of May 20-28

During the last week of May, our VOSH group in coordination with Help Chiapas,  provided Optometric care to the indigenous people of Ignacio Allende, Tumbala in Chiapas Mexico. From the flight arrival into Villahermosa, the location was 6 hours away deep into the jungles of Chiapas. The 3 day clinic provided more than 415 eye exams to these descendants of the Mayan culture. The group was able to provide eye exams including glaucoma care, custom glasses, readers, sunglasses, as well as coordination with Ophthalmology for a retinal detachment, cataract surgeries, and continued glaucoma care.

Optometrists: David T. Kageyama, OD / Thu Nguyen, OD / Ping Ye, OD
2nd year students from SUNY:
Jason Gebran – SVOSH President
Nancy Liu / Phil Nguyen / Nicole Poon / Elizabeth Zhu /
Optometric Assistant:
Mayra Bonilla / Rosa Sanchez Sanchez
Development Director of Help Chiapas:
Alianna Hutchinson

Special thanks to Dr. Jorge Aranda Tello of Opticas Jarmar for all his help in coordinating our care with Ophthalmology as well with the lab for the custom eyewear.

Also a great big thank you to Alianna Hutchinson for making this amazing trip happen.

Total eye exams:  415

Eyewear provided: 277

Sunglasses: 66

Spring Break week 2016 – Mexico

Loreto and La Purisima
Southern Baja California Mexico

Dr, Kageyama, Dr. Thu Nguyen, Dr. Ping Ye
3rd year Western University Optometry students:
Katherine Ha and Malia Sato
2nd year Berkeley School of Optometry students:
Kevin Wu and Valerie  Tran
UCLA Undergrad student Andrew Kageyama
High School student Stephen Zhu
Trip Leader: Deborah Wright

We had a 3-day clinic in Loreto with our first host team then we were picked up
by our second team and we drove for 5-hours deep into mountains to the town of La Purisima.

Our Loreto Group

Our Loreto Group

Our La Purisima Group

Our La Purisima Group

Total exams provided = 700
Customer glasses made = 220
Cataract referrals = 30

Read this Blog Eye_Experience by Kevin Wu on our experience in Mexico.


Thanksgiving week 2015 – El Salvador

Greg Pearl OD, Heather Culp, Kirra Denton, Bryce Krehbiel, Ellen Sanders, Mandy Longoria, Paola Salazar Carolyn Carleton, Cassie Lux, John Orr, Kendon Seamons, Lisa Switzer, Brett Christensen, Stacy Hamlet OD

Greg Pearl OD, Heather Culp, Kirra Denton, Bryce Krehbiel, Ellen Sanders, Mandy Longoria, Paola Salazar Carolyn Carleton, Cassie Lux, John Orr, Kendon Seamons, Lisa Switzer, Brett Christensen, Stacy Hamlet OD

Joining together with Fudem clinic members with Dr Ricardo above on the right, to travel to NW area of El Salvador to provide vision care in following villages:

Joining together with Fudem clinic members with Dr Ricardo above on the right, to travel to NW area of El Salvador to provide vision care in following villages:

Day 1: Nueva Concepcion Day 2: La Palma Day 3: Chalatenango
805 patients 748 patients 793 patients
468 glasses 505 glasses 522 glasses
Day 4: Agua Caliente Day 5: El Coyolito
483 patients 310 patients
318 glasses 185 glasses

May 25 – June 5, 2015.  Humla, Nepal.
The Student VOSH chapter at UC Berkeley School of Optometry in partnership with the Bay Area Sahayeta.
Trip Leader: Monica Rodriguez-Bayes

July 24th- August 4th, 2015. Haiti
The Student VOSH chapter at SCCO in partnership with FEJ (Fondation Enfant Jesus of Haiti). Trip leader: Grace Liao

We worked with an organization called FEJ (Fondation Enfant Jesus) in Lamardelle, which was where we stayed and where the clinic was. The hosts and administrators were very friendly and accommodating to our needs. We had 5 days of clinic and 1 day of rest. We saw a total of approximately 450 pts (~325 adults, ~125 children), with the breakdown as follow:

Day 1: 51 pts
Day 2: 69 pts
Day 3: 86 pts
Day 4: 120 pts
Day 5: 119 pts

Amongst these patients:
~26 were diagnosed with some form of glaucoma (gtts given)
~26 with cataract
~5 with some form of conjunctivitis (gtts given)

What we gave away:
~400 boxes of ATs (6 individual packs of single-use preservative free AT per box)
~350+ pairs of sunglasses
~250-300 pairs of readers

The overall experience was good. The students learned a lot and definitely enjoyed our time there. After talking to Dr. Larcabal and the group, we believe that 450 pts were perfect for the amount of help we had and that starting slow (51 pts) was good for us to familiarize ourselves with the environment, clinic flow, and equipment so that by the time 120 pts came around we had no problem.

January 9, 2015: Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur

In collaboration with optometrists and students from UC Berkeley School of
Optometry, Suny School of Optometry and MCPHS University, VOSH Connecticut
group was able to carry out it’s 17th annual mission trip to Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur.

We arrived in Managua on January 9th and traveled to the coast of Nicaragua to
a small town, San Juan del Sur. Majority of the patients we saw traveled to our
clinic by bus from rural areas of the country. We saw patients over the span of
four days.

First day: 741 patients,
Second day: 904 patients,
Thirds day: 775 patients
Fourth day: 768 patients.

Every patient seen received a pair of sunglasses, and a pair of prescription
glasses if needed. Distance, bifocal, and reading glasses that we gave out to the
patients were donated by people from the United States. As a group of 20
students, 7 optometrist, 1 optician, 10 assistants, we provided eye care to 3,188
patients in Nicaragua.

Photos of this trip can be viewed here

January 2 – 4, 2015 in Tijuana, Mexico

This VOSH trip was organized to conduct vision screening at three local orphanages in Tijuana.  By providing eye care to the most undeserved population, orphans, VOSH can help provide the gift of sight and help break the cycle of poverty.

Saturday morning screening at Casa Hogar de Los Niños we examined 17 children and 6 adults.
Saturday afternoon screening at Casa Eunime we examined 30 children and 8 adults.
Sunday morning screening at Casa Hogar Sonrisa de Angeles screening 60 children and 2 adults.
A total of 38 prescription glasses will be made and 20 OTC readers were handed out.

We stayed at a 4-Star hotel in Tijuana called Hotel Palacio Azteca. This hotel is host to many NGOs such as Flying Sams, Doctors without Borders and VOSH.  This VOSH trip included a visit to the Mexican History Museum and dinner in Puerto Nuevo watching the sunset while dinning on their famous lobster dinner.

Photos of this VOSH trip can be viewed here

Sept 11 – 14, 2014 in down town Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Sports Arena in partnership with Care Harbor.

Volunteers: 20 Optometrists, 45 Ophthalmologists, 10 Opticians, 50 Optician students, 125 MBKU Optometry Students, 4 Western Optometry Students, plus VSP staff.
Equipment: 15 refracting lanes, 5 slit lamp stations, 2 auto-refractors and 1 NCT machine plus I-Care Tonometer. All optical frames and lab work was donated by VSP.

Total patients receiving eye exams: 1270
An additional 710 patients received EyeSmart Eye health checks.

August 6 – 13, 2014 – El Salvador
No stats


June 1, 2014 at the Mar Vista Family Center, 5075 S. Slauson Ave, in Culver City, CA.

3 OD’s, 1 SCCO student, 3 office staff
Approx 120 patients
Approx 80 pairs of glasses
VOSH provided 3 phoropters/refracting lanes and an auto-refractor
Essilor donated lab work and lens materials

April 3-6, 2014 at the Indio/Riverside County Fairgrounds.VOSH California in partnership with California Care Force.

About 5 optometrists and 20 WUCU optometry students examined  about 900 patients. Care Force provided 2 new auto-refractors, 10 refraction lanes with projectors, 3 slit lamps, 2 I-Care tonometers  and two patternless edgers.

May 23 – June 1, 2014 – Fiji
No stats

May 24 – June 1, 2014 – Dominican Republic
No stats