About Our Chapter

VOSH California

Volunteer Optometry Services to Humanity (VOSH) – California Chapter is a group of likeminded students, doctors and volunteers who believe that everyone deserves a right to healthy vision. This includes giving reading glasses to a grandmother who is no longer able to read her Bible, or giving a delivery driver his vision back so he can earn a living for his family. We have no political or religious agenda, yet we work with religious or government groups who are committed to tolerance. VOSH/International is the voice of 27 State Chapters and 17 Student Chapters in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Honduras and the Netherlands. Volunteers pay their own way and often times return year after year. Various fundraising efforts are initiated throughout the year to help offset some of the cost of the trip. VOSH is proof that one man’s dream can be a catalyst for international good. Hundreds of thousands of people have been helped ad there are millions more to reach….one at a time.

What We Do

Vision means health, income and
education – especially for women and kids.

VOSH/International and VOSH Chapters are volunteers. That means that those who come on a clinic trip take time away from their jobs and families, pay their own expenses, including airfare and lodging, as well as other expenses. It is what makes VOSH VOSH! We are proud of that.

Our volunteers are licensed optometrists, opticians, health care providers and lay people. There are clinic trips both domestically as well as internationally, in over 30 countries, serving hundreds of thousands of patients.

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